CitySec meetup in Los Angeles

For those of you who haven’t already seen CitySec, it’s worth stopping by. is a site created by Thomas Ptacek (from Matasano Chargen) to facilitate gatherings of information security professionals.  The tone of the meetings appears to be quite relaxed, to quote “What is a CitySect Meetup?“:

The rule of thumb is, no more structure than is absolutely necessary to get people into a room (where “room” usually means “bar”): if structure (like “name tags” or “surveys”) would even possibly prevent one person from attending the meeting, don’t use it.

For those of us in the greater Los Angeles area, there is a CitySec meetup (LASec) scheduled for 8PM on June 7th at the Westwood Brewing Co (near UCLA).  Here’s a link to the address on Google Maps.  Infosec and beer, a great combination 🙂

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