It’s been quite some time (over a month) since I made a post (to here or the forensically sound yahoo group). I’ve had a whirlwind of client work, including teaching at a number of SANS conferences. I did get a bit of press coverage while at the San Jose SANS conference. The press came to me seeking information about Schwarzenegger’s ethnic comments. Let me state that I have absolutely NO knowledge about the issue outside of what has been presented in the news. I have not been contacted by anyone other than NBC11 about this.

A reporter from NBC11 showed up at the end of one of the days of the conference, and asked me some questions about what is and is not possible. The “interview” made an 8 second blurb onto the nightly news, and here is a link to a web write-up of the “interview”. To clarify the comments made by me, they were pieced together from multiple different sentences. I did not see anything on the govenor’s website that appeared to be related to the ethnic comments. I did not perform a thorough search.

On a slightly different note, I registered the domain and pointed it at this blog. 🙂

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